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RRUFF continues to pursue the goal of promoting responsible dog ownership, help develop new community education and other activities because of the work of active volunteers and through fundraising efforts. Please look over the volunteer opportunities and find a committee (or two) you would like to help with. We are always looking for new volunteers and ideas.  We love giving community service hours to students and anyone else who needs them.   And, if a parent also volunteers we double the hours for the student.  Helping staff our booth at events and weekend dog park clean up are two of the most popular volunteer opportunities for students.

Healing Heroes  Your involvement with the Healing Heroes Program includes fundraising, community outreach, participating in Veteran related  events and RRUFF Hosted events. If you are passionate about veterans and veteran issues this is the committee for you.
Events:  Staff our table at RRUFF hosted and community events. Most events are on weekends during the day June through October. and require only 1-2 hour commitment.   Hand out flyers, talk about the dog park and the Healing Heroes Program.  Great for students needing community service hours.   Woofstock is just one of the many fun events an is held the last weekend in August.
Membership  Our dues paying membership is how we raise money every year to add amenities our park. Your job is to help us grow our membership base for both individual and corporate memberships. A strong membership will provide us on-going annual income to maintain and improve our park so it will always be a dog and people friendly place to visit.

Fundraising  You will help us coordinate and execute fundraising activities to generate revenue for RRUFF. The money raised will help finance tthe purchase of equipment and amenities and maintain and enhance the Special Needs Area.

Maintenance  Your hands-on physical involvement will help in adding amenities, repairs of existing amenities assembling new equipment and special projects.  If you are available on weekends, we are  responsible for Saturday and Sunday dog park clean up  i.e. scooping the poop, and emptying the trash cans.    Great for students!  We have occasional “work days” throughout the year for 1-2 hours on a Saturday morning.

Docent  As a docent you have a special opportunity to be visible at the park on a regular basis for the purpose of greeting new visitors, helping them become acquainted with the rules, and educating them on proper dog park etiquette.

Email Tammy Petty for more information on how you can become a RRUFF Volunteer tammypetty@ymail.com

Benefits of licensing your dog – What’s in it for Fido?

RRUFF asks all pet owners to license their dogs. It is a State of California law that all dogs age four months and older be properly licensed in their city or county. Unlicensed dogs may not be able to play, socialize and exercise at the new off-leash dog park if it is discovered the dog is not properly licensed.

The process of obtaining a dog license is easy. Dog license applications are available online at www.petdata.com. The Rocklin Police Department can also help you, and any RRUFF board member can assist you in obtaining your pooch’s license. You need your rabies certificate and spay/neuter certificate. You can purchase one or three year licenses. The fees are specified on the petdata website. If you don’t want to pay online, you can print and mail the application.

How do you and your dog benefit from having a license? We have all heard the reasons why people don’t want to license their pets. If your dog is licensed, here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Should your pet become lost, the chance of being reunited is significantly increased. A dog license can be traced 24 hours a day, seven days a week by an on-call animal control officer.
  • Your pet will receive a longer stay at the animal shelter. It will not be put up for adoption or euthanized as quickly as an unlicensed dog.
  • If your dog is injured while it is out of your care, emergency veterinarian care will be provided. Licensing revenue assure dog owners that their licensed animal will be transported and receive medical attention.
  • Licensing also guarantees a dog has been inoculated against rabies. Without proof of vaccinations, people bitten by a dog would have to undergo a series of painful injections.
  • If a rabid animal is found in the area, licensed dog owners will be notified by animal control.
  • If a licensed dog is bitten by a skunk or a bat, the quarantine period will be limited to 30 days at the pet owner’s residence. Unlicensed dogs face a six-month quarantine at an animal shelter. This could also result in the owner paying more than $3,000 in fees.
  • Licensing encourages the spaying and neutering of dogs through staggered fees. This differential is designed to encourage responsible pet ownership by lowering pet overpopulation, which results in overcrowding at shelters and the resulting euthanization of far too many animals.

Please be a responsible pet owner and purchase a license for your dog. Our animals give us unconditional love, so the least we can do is keep them as safe as possible so they can be with us as long as possible. Please, do the right thing for your best friend.


When:   Sundays

Where: RRUFF Dog Park, Johnson-Springview Park  5480 5th St., Rocklin

Time:    10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Cost:     Visit  www.pawsnpause.net for current pricing.  RRUFF Members receive a $25 discount
When you pay for all 8 classes in advance, you and your dog receive unlimited future group training for your dog’s lifetime.
Class #8 added August 2016 – Field trips to local retail outlets.

Please visit the PawsNPause website the day before class to confirm class is not cancelled due to weather or emergencies

To register CLICK HERE. and go to “contact” page.

Or Call Kellie at 916 201-5817 to reserve your spot today

Classes fill up quickly You can also register at the class

Classes are open to all dogs over the age of *6 months. Proof of DHPP and Rabies vaccine required.

*talk to Kellie for exceptions

(916) 782-SPCA (7722) or (530) 885-PETS (7387)

Karen Robles
(916) 759-5957

PO Box 1292, Lincoln, CA 95648

Email: jjsgoldens@homewardboundgoldens.org
Jody & Mike Jones
7495 Natomas Rd, Elverta, CA 95626
(916) 655-1410

Email:  havendogrescue@gmail.com

Email: siar.1@comcast.net

Email: tld4now@aol.com or brncinc@aol.com

1520 E. Covell Blvd #85, Davis, CA 95616
(650) 851-9227

Email: info@gcgsr.org
(877) 268-0255
1320 Standiford Ave, Ste 4, PMB 255, Modesto, CA 95350-0726

Email: goldmtn_springers@yahoo.com
(916) 316-4390]

IMPS – Internet Miniature Pinscher Service
(877) MIN-PIN1 (emergencies only)



Email: rescue@sacshelties.org
(888) 296-9350

Email: savak9@sbcglobal.net
(916) 541-5149

Email: jonjeni777@gmail.com
(916) 549-5094

Email: dogs@chako.org
(916) 534-8608

NOR CAL BULLY BREED RESCUE(formerly Itty Bitty Pitty Committee)


Email: onebyonerpA@gmail.com
(530) 718-2414

(916) 396-5341
 (925) 322-0223
(209( 613-0958
Incident Reporting: 
Emergencies 911

Non- Emergencies: (916) 625-5400

Animal Control Services: (916) 6255434

* Incidents of rule violations should be reported to City of Rocklin Parks & Recreation at www.rocklin.ca.gov

Hours: Open Dusk to Dawn Daily

A friendly reminder: When the Special Needs Area is in use for training classes, please do not bring your dog into this area for ANY reason. No Exceptions.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to not bring small children into the dog park. It is your responsibility if your child is injured inside the dog park. This is for your child’s safety. Please NO CHILDREN UNDER 5 YEARS OF AGE.

This is an off-leash dog park. Dogs can be dangerous and may behave in an unpredictable manner. They may bite, trip or jump on you. Use the dog park at Johnson-Springview “at your own risk.” If you enter the park, you assume the risk that you may be injured by a dog. Owners of dogs are responsible and fully liable for the actions of their dogs.

 Do not bring an aggressive dog to the dog park under any circumstances
  • Dog owners MUST clean up after their dogs.
  • Dogs with a known history of dangerous behavior are prohibited. Dog owners are legally responsible for the activities of their dogs. Leash and remove dogs showing aggressiveness towards people or other dogs.
  • No children under the age of 5 allowed. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Please have at least one adult (18 or older) to supervise the children and one to supervise the dog(s). No one under 16 may bring a dog to the park without an adult present.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended.
  • Dogs should be leashed prior to entering and upon leaving. Owners must obey leash laws whenever outside the boundaries of the dog park.
  • No more than three dogs per adult.
  • Dogs MUST be licensed and vaccinated. Dogs must be wearing up-to-date rabies and license tags.
    To obtain a City of  Rocklin license visit www.petdata.com
  • Female dogs in heat are prohibited.
  • No alcoholic beverages, food or glass containers are permitted in the dog park.
  • No smoking inside the park. This is a City of Rocklin ordinance
  • Do not allow your dog to dig.
The original grass was mostly foxtails. Foxtails can be deadly to dogs (because they can travel to your dog’s heart or lungs) and they can create a large vet bill for you to have them removed from toes, ears, or nose. We thought it was best to eliminate the foxtails.

Additionally, the Dog Park is used for Service Dog Training for disabled Veterans. If you are interested in learning more about our Healing Heroes Scholarships or American River and Asher college classes, please call or email us.

Why don’t we have grass?

  • Happy, running, playing dogs will tear up the grass and it will become dirt
  • Grass requires water and there is no irrigation
  • Grass gets soggy when wet – think muddy, very dirty pooch
  • Grass requires maintenance, such as mowing, weeding

Why did RRUFF choose the current ground cover?

After consulting with an environmental biologist, arborist and soil specialist, these are the reasons organic ground cover was chosen:

  • Organic material is “magic” between growth and no growth – perfect balance
  • The micro flora of the soil is critical for good health
  • Contains green waste such as oak leaves, pine needles, and chips
  • Six inch deep layer will eliminate the foxtail problem
  • The heritage oak trees will benefit
  • Water penetrates better
  • Nutrient complex is greater
  • No silica, therefore is people and dog-friendly
  • Lower temperature and natural light
  • Reduces chance of park flooding

As the ground cover continues to decompose, it will become softer and more level. RRUFF will top it off as needed with new organic materials to keep it healthy and to keep adequate coverage to eliminate foxtails. Some larger pieces of wood and bark will get through the shredders; therefore, we encourage all park users to pick up these pieces when you visit and set them by the trash cans. Our volunteers will finish the job. Because of the naturally hilly terrain inside the park and with the use of organic ground cover, flooding should not be a problem. Unlike many dog parks that have to close in the winter, our park should be able to be open 365 days a year (except for maintenance and construction).

Most dog parks use decomposed granite. Why didn’t RRUFF?

  • Decomposed granite is expensive to install
  • Decomposed granite contains silica which can be harmful to dogs
  • Decomposed granite can cut in between a dog’s toes
  • Decomposed granite is very hot, bright, and reflective in sunshine
  • Decomposed granite can adversely change the water relations in the soil around the heritage oak trees
  • Decomposed granite will reduce water infiltration into the soil which will not provide water needed during the winter

Safety Tips for you, your children and your pet:

  • Please no children in the dog park under 5 years of age. It’s just too dangerous for them and we will ask you to leave. We know your kids might be used to playing with dogs at home, but a dog at the dog park is not the same as your dog at home. If you choose to bring your children inside the dog park, YOU are responsible for their safety and YOU are liable if they are injured.
  • Always remove your dog’s leash inside the holding area before you enter the dog park. Your dog will become prey for the other dogs already in the park.
  • Should your dog be involved in a dog fight, the safest way to break up the fight is to grab your dog’s two hind legs and slowly pull it away. Do not attempt to grab the collar and never touch the other person’s dog. Dog fights happen and most of the time the pooches work it out. Please be respectful to the other dog owners. It is best to leave the park rather than have a confrontation. Each dog owner is responsible for his or her dog and its behavior.
  • Please do not bring food into the dog park and smoking is prohibited in all Rocklin parks.
  • If you have a small dog and bring it into the large dog area to play YOU are responsible for keeping your dog safe. Large dogs play hard and fast. Small dogs should be in the small dog area. We understand the little guys like to play with the big dogs, but remember, the large dog area is for large dogs. Your little one’s safety is your responsibility. Do not blame the owner of a large dog if your little one is injured.
  • Finally, please pick up after your dog.

Rainbow Bridge



  • Scout – Wade & Donna Smith
  • Charlie –  Robin & Ken – BarkAvenue Pet Store
  • Papa – Tammy, John & Amanda Petty
  • Bailey & Bentley – Trish, Joe & Tanga Trammell
  • Sadie – Larry Osborne
  • Molly Mae – Cathy & Doug Mowatt
  • Juneau – Val & Ginni Martinez
  • Andy – Julie & Anthony Luna
  • Oscar – Ken Hubert


  • JD – Hope & Rick Brandsma
  • Sandy – Poppingo Family
  • Daisy – Anita & Peyton Reyes
  • Kody – Val & Ginni Martinez
  • Mirabelle – Tiffany Gilroy Chin
  • Dezi – Cathy & Doug Mowatt
  • Jack – Ken & Francine Yorde
  • Sophie – Paula “Rusty” Westeren


  • Carlos, Kris Fuentes and Family – Vibra Pet Owner.  November 27
  • Cody, Golden Retriever – Barbara Schectman.  November
  • Bubba, Chihuaha – Kellie Dawald & Tiffany Smith.  October 23
  • Georgia – Paula “Rusty” Westeren.  October 9
  • Webber – Candice Northam.  June 29
  • Fluffy, Chow – Ray Lee & Family.   June 27
  • Star – Doug & Cathy Mowatt.  June 23
  • Scout, German Short Haired Pointer – Mary & Bob Taverna.  June 19
  • Mitchell, Black Lab – Frank & Connie Rasmussen
  • Harper, Bernese Mountain Dog – Lesley & Steve Koonce
  • Kodee, Wolf/Huskie – Laurie & Mark Jourus


Riggins Goldendoodle – Jill Hendricks
Founding Dog, Holly, Springer Spaniel. Betty Robertson
Maximus Clementi “Max” Beloved Doberman of Bryan & Sarah Clementi
Beau*, Golden Retriever Rescue from Homeward Bound, John & Mari Graham*
Puppers – Mickey Wadolny’s Black Lab
Teekee, Jennifer Beeson-Kirk – Posh Puppy Boutique
Princess, Australian Shephard/Border Collie, Lynn Keyes September 13
Frazier, Bernese Mountain Dog, Lesley & Steve Koonce
Moxie & Miles, Boxers, Scott Yuill & Tami Bogart
Belle, Border Collie, Elizabeth Bunker & Family


Abby, Linda & Jerry Fleig
Jessie, Brittney Spaniel, Ron Sherwood Family
Sandy Tucker, Yellow Lab, Bill Tucker
Thunder, Black Lab 15-1/2, Nancy & Gene Schroder
Rocky, Border Collie 14 yrs, Ron Fonti
Charley, Golden Retriever (5 years old) – Ann & Ed Wustefeld


Diva – Staffordshire Terrier – Bob & Kimber (Above)
Heidi – Pom – David & Linda David
Hannah – Pug – Dale & Alyce Glazer
Brynn – Airedale – Mary Jo & Don Wilson
Shealey – German Short Hair Pointer – Deborah Lee Hayes
Maverick (Brown) – Pit Mix – Kellie Dawald and Tiffany
Buddy – Terrier – Maggie Celeste Worden
Pongo – Jack Russell Terrier – Trish Trammel & Family
Gracie – Yorkie Poo – Dot & Art Woodward
Quasar – Mini Daschund – Cindy & Henry Guerrero
Daisy – Laby Mix, Jim Crosthwaite