RRUFF Rocklin Dog Park

rocklin dog park

RRUFF Dog Park is located inside Johnson-Springview Park, located at 5480 5th Street in Rocklin. The dog park was opened December 23, 2011 and has become a popular place for local area residents and their pets to play. The park has separate sections for small and large dogs, as well as for special needs dogs. Dogs can run through the agility course, play in the kiddie pool, or just hang out.

Our enclosed spaces are covered in 100% organic playground-quality cedar chips that give dogs a wonderful place to play while also providing a suitable ground cover that helps to preserve the gorgeous heritage oak trees that provide shade in the park. In addition to the natural shade provided by the trees, we have a covered area in the special needs section. The special needs section is for older or disabled dogs, or dogs that don’t get along well with others. It’s also used for training classes.

RRUFF Dog Park is open every day from dawn to dusk, and we are proud to be the only local dog park open 365 days a years, regardless of weather!

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 Johnson-Springview Park, 5480 5th Street, Rocklin, CA


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